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City Vocal (Visitor + Local)

How many times have you visited a city and felt the gap between you and the locals. Something is missing between you and the vibes, the best bits.

MAGU can fill this GAP.

Public opinion is powerful. Let’s embrace it. Be part of it

With MAGU you have all the info available… Book your accommodation based not only on price, proximity to public transport or sights… but see the most upcoming , hip, classic areas and then you choose.

Book a hotel

hoose based on a live map having all information in one place. Live reviews, pricing, Positioning, photos, facilities.

Be a tourist, but feel like a local & Be a local, but feel like aa tourist

Explore the place the easy way. See, eat, drink, dance using MAGU. Like a local.

Real-time map updates. Non-stop

Contribute in real-time map updates with the use of social media. (Follow your friends – coming soon)

the idea of magu

the first travel guide platform, generated from social media.


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