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Citify engage the crowd in the

public sector.

Citify  is a smart city app, runs on mobile devices (iPhone, Android) & Web. Citify allows citizens to report  issues of public interest using their mobile phones.

iPhone app (ios)

City by you | help by Citify

Android app

material design #madebycloudcrew

Web App

We’re making this  just for you

Web based Version of App. We’re making this  just for you

Meet your Citify facebook Assistant, It’s your own personal Citify, always ready to help.

A Facebook bot is an automated software program that is designed to create and control a  Facebook account.

Make your city better

Μake your city more sustainable

Smart Cities are modern and interesting. But they are much more than that. They are the promise to convert cities into intelligent and efficient ones. Cities that “think” and improve our lives and make the world more sustainable




Notification System, Mobile Push Notifications API, Mobile Notification

Send push notifications to iOS and Android devices through one unified Push Notifications API.  Tickets Solved Notification, Report Comment Notification, Urgent Notification, News Notification, Event Notification




You can download apps for free


apple     android


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  citifyapp upgrade democracy for the Internet era

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